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All say China is a ¡°large liver disease country¡±, but ¡°to what degree?¡± the figure can give evidence. According to the statistics of the WHO, the number of Chinese patients with hepatopathy is at least 120 million, accounting for more that 1/3 of the total in the world. For a long time the Chinese people has suffered enough from hepatopathy.
A magical liver-protection factor ¡ª selenium
Liver is an important immune organ, and is referred to as the ¡°living tower¡± in human body. It performs all the functions of metabolism, detoxification and immunity in the human body. If the liver is ill, the human body will suffer greatly.
Selenium is a trace element mostly needed by human body. As early as 1950s, Schwarz, an American scientist, found an ¡°element 3¡± had a magical effect for the protection of liver, and it was proved afterward the element was the trace element selenium. Selenium was also named a ¡°protection factor for anti-hepatonecrosis¡± for its outstanding function in the protection of liver. A hospital in Chongqing city has treated 138 cases of hepatopathy with significant effect, and all those who have taken selenium 5-10 days have their liver extracted in volume, softened in quality and relieved in subjective symptom. A patient, male, aged 40, had been hospitalized for hepatomegaly and was treated by all kinds of therapy over 3 months without any effect. It was found through examination that his liver had expanded 3 inches below his rib and was rather hard in quality. But after taking high dosage of selenium for 5 days, his liver began to extract, and after 15days, had extracted to the bottom of his rob.
The more serious the liver diseases, the lower the content of selenium in the body
Liver is a large ¡°selenium¡± depot in human body, an organ where rich selenium is stored. However, scientific research shows that patients with liver diseases usually lack for selenium element, and the more serious the liver diseases, the lower the contents of selenium in the blood. Through an investigation on 36 patients with hepatitis B, Beijing Tongrentong Hospital has found that the selenium contents of 94.4% patients are lower than that of healthy level, and experts hold that the lack of selenium might lead to the damage of the ant-oxidation system in the organism and thus hampers the removal of ¡°the harmful substance free radicals¡±, and that the failure of hepatitis B treatment is closely related to the lack of selenium.
In order to confirm the close relationship between selenium and hepatopathy, Prof. Yu Shuyu, a famous expert in the Tumor Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, has spent 16 years in the high occurrence area of hepatopathy. He has observed the situation of selenium supplement for 130,000 residents in Qidong County, Jiangsu Province, and the result shows the selenium supplement has reduced the patients with hepatopathy by 35%, while the patients with liver cancer, especially those who have a family history, have been reduced by half. Prof. Chen Junshi, a famous authoritative expert in foodstuff protein and safety in our country, said: at that time, selenium was used to prevent liver cancer in Qidong County, Jiangsu Province, a high outbreak area of liver cancer. Because the time was short, and the number of people was not large, it was only possible to get some signs that the occurrence rate of liver cancer had been reduced after taking selenium, but it could be confirmed that many patients with hepatitis B had their indices converted from positive to negative, and this was what we called two pairs and a half.
Treatment of hepatopathy starting from selenium supplement
Experts hold that the patients should be supplemented with selenium. Jiuxianqiao Hospital has conducted a selenium supplement experience for 22 cases of cirrhosis, among them 20 cases suffering from cirrhosis after hepatisis, two cases suffering from alcoholic cirrhosis, and all of them having a case history over two years and having their liver function damaged and edema of different degree. The experience was conducted in two groups, the first group being supplemented with selenium, the second group, as a control group, not. Supplemented. The experience result shows that the patients who have taken selenium products, feel the fatigue of the whole body reduced after a week and appetite increased after two weeks, and among them, 8 cases have their faces transferred from gray to bright, 9 cases have expansion relieved, 6 cases have their insomnia improved and 8 cases have their circumference decreased ranging from 3 cm to 25cm, and circumference of abdome reduced by 9.2 cm in average.
Clinical study has found that selenium supplement have significant effect for most patients with hepatopathy:

  • For patients with hepatitis A and B, selenium supplement can improve greatly the symptom of anorexia, fatigue and gray face within a short time;
  • For patients with hepatopathy, selenium supplement can relieve the pathology of liver and promote the regeneration of liver cells;
  • Selenium has the function of protecting liver, and selenium supplement can prevent chronic hepatitis from damaging the liver and prevent hepatonecrosis;
  • Selenium supplement can prevent the liver from fibrosis, and prevent the patient¡¯s condition from worsening;
  • Selenium supplement can improve the patient¡¯s immunity and prevent hepatopathy from recrudescence;
  • For healthy people, selenium supplement can lower the invasion probability of hepatitis A and B as well as live cancer;
How can the selenium prevent and control effectively hepatopathy? Clinical study shows that the selenium can prevent and control hepatopathy in the following aspects:
1.Adjustment of immunity: patients with hepatopathy are susceptible to fatigue and insomnia. These phenomena, in fact, are incurred by low immunity. Besides, low immunity also lead directly to the decreased capability of organism in detection and control of viruses, the most significant manifestation of which is that the viruses in human body are difficult to be completely removed, and the diseases break out repeatedly. The reason is that the organism assumes a state of ¡°immune tolerance¡±, does not attack on and remove off the hepatitis B viruses, but always ¡°tolerate¡± them. Therefore, the key in controlling hepatopathy is to strengthen the immune function, break the ¡°immune tolerance¡± present in the organism, and put the immune function into operation. In the human body, almost all kinds of immunocyte contain selenium, and the supplement of selenium can adjust the immune function in human body, improve many symptoms of patients with hepatopathy and prevent hepatopathy from relapsing and worsening.

Treatment result:


Icterus faded away, within 15 days

Icterus faded away, within 30 days

ALT restored to normal within 30 days

Treatment group, 47 patients (25 cases of icterus

14 cases, accounting for 56%

20 cases, accounting for 80%

36 cases, accounting for 77%

Control group, 43 patients (21 cases of icterus)

4 cases, accounting for 19%

12 cases, accounting for 57.1%

22 cases, accounting for 51%

Conclusion: the curative effect of the treatment group taking selenium is superior to that of the control group. (Note: ALT ¡ª alanine transaminase)

No. 1 Affiliated Hospital of Bethune Medical Sciences University has treated viral hepatitis for 47 patients (another 43 patients with various hepatopathy as comparison) including 14 cases of acute viral hepatitis, 18 cases of chronic active hepatitis, 5 cases of chronic unresolved hepatitis, 5 cases of chronic severe hepatitis, 3 cases of active cirrhosis following hepatitis. The therapy adopted is to take selenium tablets and Vitamin E including Yiganling, compound Yiganling and liver protection tablets without application of other norenzyme medicine.
2. Prevention of liver fibrosis: as the saying goes, the hepatopathy always develop through three steps ¡°hepatitis ¡ª cirrhosis ¡ª liver cancer¡±. The patients with hepatopathy, therefore, should prevent the liver disease from developing towards cirrhosis and liver cancer. At present, all the clinical experts have the following agreement: at the moment of treating chronic hepatitis and resisting viruses, liver fibrosis must be resisted, because liver fibrosis is always the only way which chronic hepatitis must pass in developing towards hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer and cutting off the way should be of great significance. Dr. Hans, the world authoritative expert in hepatopathy, has pointed out ¡°Whoever can prevent or delay liver fibrosis from happening will be able to cure the most chronic hepatopathy¡±. In addition, resisting liver fibrosis is also one of the most economic and effective methods in preventing hepatopathy from transferring towards liver cancer. Scientific study has found that selenium, as an important component of the antioxidation and protection system in the body, is able to hinder the harmful substance free radicals from damaging liver cells, safeguard liver cells and astrocytes. Therefore, the supplement of selenium can achieve the aim of impeding liver fibrosis and preventing hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer for patients suffering from hepatopathy.
3. Antiviruses: the modern medical science holds that the hepatitis B viruses in the organism are the chief criminal that gives rise to hepatopathy, whereas the relapsing and worsening of hepatopathy are directly related to the variance of viruses. This phenomenon of variance is noted in about 70% patients with hepatitis in our country, such as positive DNA of ¡°Xiaosanyang¡± complicated viruses often appeared in clinic and the repeated fluctuation of liver function examination results, which are brought about mainly by the variance of hepatitis B viruses. Prof. Chen Junshi, an authoritative expert in foodstuff proteins and safety in our country, said: selenium is the only nutriment that has direct relation with viral infection. Dr. Tailor, the world famous virologist with the American University of Georgia, also has pointed out the close relation between selenium and viruses. Such as hepatic viruses and myocarditis viruses, a kind of selenium-containing enzyme is available in all of them. Lack of selenium in human body is likely to result in the variance of viruses, make the viruses much more cruel and the state of illness aggravating and worsening. Therefore, selenium supplement for hepatopath is beneficial to block the variance of viruses, control the state of illness and prevent hepatopathy from aggravating and repeated outbreak.
In addition, hepatopathy is a chronic disease, and the patients need to take medicine for a long time. However, many medicines are to be detoxified through the liver, and taking medicine too much will increase burden on the liver and is unfavorable to it. Besides, many medicines have side effects. For example, interferon is an anti-protovirus agent most commonly used in treating hepatitis B, but it has been found in its clinical application that it has many adverse reactions, such as fever, headache and disgusting. Also, interferon is expensive, making some patients stop treatment because unable to bear the heavy economic burden. whereas the trace element selenium is not a medicine, and has no side effects on human body if taken at an adequate dosage, and not expensive, suitable for long-term taking.
Now, it is universally acknowledged by experts that the function of selenium in the protection of liver is out of question. For hepatopath, taking selenium to raise the selenium level in body, so as to gain the aims of strengthening the performance of liver cells, adjusting the immunity and improving the anti-inflammatory function of the organism will benefit the removal of hepatitis symptoms and reduce the cancerization rate of hepatitis. So someone says the selenium is the natural killer of hepatopathy.

Writer:Chen Guodong