*What is nano-selenium?
Nano-selenium is a kind of red powder prepared with nano-technology, and is effective in preventing many viruses and diseases. All the functions of selenium-containing glutathione peroxidase are based on its performance of resisting free radicals and improving immunity. Just as a dustman in our bodies, selenium can render an overall protection to the human body. Through supplement of nano-selenium, it is possible to impede viruses from continuously damaging human body, protect viscera from being invaded and make people stand away from diseases. It is essential for people to take sufficient Vitamin C and Vitamin E, especially selenium, the antioxidating activity of which is 50-500 times that of vitamin E.
The advantage of nano-selenium over common selenium protein, selenium-containing amino acid and inorganic selenium compounds lies in its much higher biological activity and safety. Even taking a small dose of nano-selenium, it is possible to significantly improve the activity of selenium-containing enzymes, regulate the oxidation resistance and increase the immunity of human body and thus effectively control viruses. At the same doses, the biological activities of all other forms of selenium are unable to compare with that of nano-selenium, indicating that nano-selenium enjoys very ingenious biological activity.
The oxidation resistant and immune mechanism of nano-selenium is very clear and its oxidation resistant and immune index is also amazing. What we are providing is nano-technology, what we are studying is preventive science, and what we are pursuing is a healthy age in terms of mentality, physiology, society and environment. Facing with the current situation, we should change passivity into initiative, strengthening our physique, improving our immunity and fighting against viruses, and nano-selenium is safeguarding your health.