*A Probe into the Effect of Selenium Rich Nano-Dark Green Tea on the Three Major Antigen Systems of 192 Cases with Hepatitis B

Nano-Dark Green Tea is a new type of tea product of nano-grade provided for Hepatitis B Aid Web by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-Product Company Limited, and Hepatitis B Aid Web (www.369.com.cn) is co-sponsored by Dr. Huang Zhixiong of Hong Kong Nano-Technology Application Association and Mr. Qu Shaozhong, deputy research fellow of Qinhuangdao Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medical Research Institute. The scientific concept behind all this is to utilize the plant tea of relatively strong absorbing capacity (tea is susceptible to odor infection, which constitutes a manifestation of its absorbing the surrounding molecules) and have it processed into nano particles, eliminating the viruses by absorbing and excreting metabolically and removing through absorption and annihilating through penetration the viruses which have entered the cells by way of the tunnel-penetrating effect of nano-particles ( including nano-selenium particles).
Such research has received congratulatory outcome, and now the results from the research over the previous stages are reported as follows:
1.General information
All patients are help seekers from the Internet, among whom there are 112 cases of males and 80 cases of females with a total of 192, of whom 102 cases have Three Major Positives and 69 cases have Three Minor Positives with 21 other cases. The longest period of Nano-tea takers is 12 months, while the shortest 3 months. The product has been provided by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-Product Company Limited, and nano-selenium rich dark green tea particle averages 160nm in diameter with above 95% between 10-300nm. The dosage is one bag each time:b.i.d.-t.i.d., made with boiled or hot water and taken after being dispersed per ¡°Tea making Method¡±.


Surface Antigens(HBeAG)

e Antigen (HBeAC)






of Negative

Function¡¡of Nano-tea







Kernel Antibody(Anti-HBC)



Ratio of




Discussion: 1£©Hepatitis B is the stubborn enemy of mankind, which keeps pestering or torturing millions of patients and medical workers, and there hasn¡¯t been any effective breakthrough found for the chemical function of pharmaceuticals. Our scientific research theorizes that ¡°nano-viruses should be treated with nano-products while fine diseases should be treated with fine medical products¡±, which is to say nano-grade (fine) diseases should be treated with nano-grade (fine) products. ¡°It possesses strong maiming capacity in real combat and works wonders in minute places¡±, which, in other words, suggests that the elimination of viruses resembles a one-to-one bayonet combat and the entire annihilation job is accomplished directly with no nonsense. The viruses are very tiny with a nano-size (30-160nm), which was discovered under the microscope less than a century ago. Under the microscope it was also discovered that the absorption and penetration effect of nano-particles can maim and kill viruses, thus blazing a new road for physical therapy to be applied in the treatment of viruses.
The surface absorbent effect refers to: the finer the particles, the larger the surface areas and the stronger the absorption, called Vandward Effect. By adopting nano-particles of the same size with viruses, particles get in close contact with viruses on a one-to-one basis, hence deactivating the viruses, depriving them of the opportunities to enter the cells to reproduce, which then turn into metabolic matters (those absorbed should also include the metabolic matters of viruses and the parts of the viruses¡¯ assembly).
Tunnel penetrating effect refers to: nano particles boast of the capacity to penetrate walls, and, various kinds of walls within the tissues being irresistible, are able to slide into the cells easily, eliminating the viruses through absorption or annihilate them through penetration. Therefore, viruses cannot find any places to hide in front of the nano weapons.
2£©The said group of cases indicates that nano-dark green tea rich in selenium works remarkably towards the three major antigen systems of Hepatitis B viruses. Although no comparative group has been designed, the negative conversion ratio has apparently increased in comparison with the application of Chinese medicine ¡°Hepatitis B Removal¡± (hospital made) by adoption of micro-grade ¡°virus removal absorption therapy¡±, described in the article ¡°Treatment of Hepatitis B with Both Acupuncture and Medicines) published in the second issue of V.III of ¡°Journal of the Joint Chinese and Western Medicine for Practical Use¡± in 1990 by our Institute.
The study of the said group of cases tentatively testifies that nano-grade particles have increased their virus removal absorption due to the expansion of the surface areas. In addition, in the said group of cases, the ratio for the kernel antigen system conversion to negative is especially outstanding, which deserves congratulating upon the most. These findings have tentatively supported our proposal that nano particles can penetrate viruses and 10-20nm of nano particles can penetrate the core of viruses and annihilate them at the same time. On the other hand, due to the conversion of anti-HBC to negative, HBSAg and HBeAG lack the part of anti-HBC and fail to reproduce successfully, so the replication of the three antigens has been reduced and conversion to negative ratio has increased. All these have provided us with a breakthrough of the threshold in using the science of physics to combat viruses scientifically (invention patent ¡°Prevention and Treatment of AIDS and Blood Disease Infection¡± has already entered practical review with Patent No.:02100313.0 and promulgation No.:CN1432373A). Naturally, this will take some time and collaboration of multi-science branches to eradicate the disease thoroughly.

Qu Shaozhong, deputy research fellow of Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medical Research InstituteDr. Huang Zhixiong, director of Hong Kong Nano-technology Application Association