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To eliminate nano-grade viruses, you'd better use "nano-gradeweapon.
The reason why viruses are difficult to eliminate is because they are too small that they are only 30-160nm in size and can be seen only under 100,000 time microscope. Cells can not discover them and viruses can bind on and enter into cells and, making use of the nutrition of cells, replicate there, while cells can only be destroyed by them. Now we have the weapon nanometer, which has brought good news to virus carriers.

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¡°Selenium rich nano-dark green tea¡± prepared by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-products Co., Ltd is made of tea-leaves and crashed with nano-technology into particles of 30-160nm (same to the size of HCV). After being taken, the particles can enter blood and liver cells, contact and adsorb viruses one via one firmly, and make them lose active capacity and easy to be metabolized out of the body. In addition, the particles of nano-selenium rich dark green tea also have a ¡°channel effect¡±, able to penetrate liver cells and adsorb and eliminate HCV in liver cells.


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