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Technical scheme for the treatment of AIDS with Nano-tea

¡°Chinese and Western prevention and treatment of AIDS¡±
¨Csimple explanation of technical terms
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ,AIDS
An acquired immunodeficiency syndrome caused by HIV.

Actinidia sinensis
Sweet, sour and cold in nature, entering stomach and kidney meridians, capable of relieving fever, quenching thirst and treating stranguria, it can be used to treat dysphoria with smothery sensation, loss of appetite, jaundice, gastric carcinoma and mammary cancer, also patients infected by HIV.
Actium lappa
Hot, bitter and cold in nature, entering liver and stomach meridians, capable of dispelling wind and promoting eruption, relieving sore-throat and promoting the subsidence of swelling, it can be used to treat wind heat, cold, throat swelling and pain, carbuncle and sore, and plays a constraint role on HIV in H9 cell culture.
A ratified drug for the treatment of simple skin rash, such as genital skin rash and opportunistic skin rash.
Adoptive immunotherapy
Transmit the lymphocytes of a supplier who has contacted with a certain antigen to a receptor has not in order to transfer immunoreactivity.
AIDS related complex£¬ARC
Symptomatic HIV infected with various chronic symptoms and signs such as fever, loss of body weight, T cell abnormity and reduction of blood cells, but not up to the standard of AIDS.
Different genes at a specific genetic point.
Allium sativum
Hot and warm in nature, entering spleen and stomach meridians, able to remove toxic substances, strengthen the stomach and destroy parasites, effective in preventing flu and epidemic encephalitis, treating ?tuberculosis, bacillary dysentery, enterobiasis and ancylostomiasis. It contains allimin, and special allium preparation is effective in the treatment of AIDS.
Refer to the individuals who are of the same type but different in inheritance.
Refer to the idiotype that is regarded as heterotype other than that of the same type.
Alternanthera philoxeroides
Namely hollow amaranth, sweat, bitter and cold in nature, entering liver meridian, capable of reducing fever and removing heat from the blood, promoting urination and relieving internal fever, can be used to treat cold, tuberculosis emptysis and herpes zoster, and has a role in constraining HIV in H9 cell culture..
Ampligen£¬Poly I:C
A biological reactive regulator that can strengthen the anti-viral activity in cells. Clinical application result shows it can improve the immune function of AIDS patients, such as T/B cell ratio.
Anal sex
Sexual activity with the penis penetrated into the anus. Andrographis paniculata
A Chinese medicinal herb, bitter and cold in nature, upon interring liver and gallbladder meridians, has the functions of reducing fever£¬diminishing inflammation and removing toxic substances, able to cure bacillary dysentery, pneumonia, infectious hepatitis and urinary tract infection. It is found on H9 cells that the herb has the function of containing HIV.
Angelica sinensis
A Chinese herb, bitter and warm in nature, entering heart, liver and spleen meridians, capable of tonifying the blood, promoting blood circulation, normalize menstruation, alleviating pain, moistening dryness and laxation, can be used to treat irregular menses, dysmenorrheal, anaemia, lumps in the abdomen and injuries from falls. Angelica sinensis has the function of imunocompression, capable of constraining the generation of antibodies, promoting the generation of cells combined with antibodies and also containing the allergic reaction of IV type.
Antigen-antibody complex
A kind of complex composed of antigen and antibody molecules with its molar ratio varies with reactant ratio.
Antigen determinant
The position where an antigen reacts with specific antibody or T cell receptor.
Antigen presenting cell
A cell that presents a antigen to a T accessory cell to facilitate immune response. The main Antigen presenting cell include dendrit cell in the B independent area of lymph tissue, overlapping cell in the T independent area and the Langerhans cells in the epidermis.
Anti-idiotype vaccine A vaccine prepared with idiotype antibody with advantages of not containing HIV gene and protein and disadvantage of possible to cause immunocompression. Anti-reverse transcriptase agent
An agent with the function of restraining transcriptase and blocking the replication off HIV.
A disease caused by a number of aspergillus genus and characterized by the appearance of inflammatory granuloma in the skin, ears, eye socket, nasal sinuses, lung, bone and meninges.
Astragalus membranaceus
Swee and light warm in nature, entering spleen and lung meridian, and capable of invigorate the middle-warmer and qi£¬consolidating superficial resistance and promote the circulation of water, holding pus and promoting granulation, it can be used to treat long-lasting diarrhea and proctoptosia, deficiency of food and listlessness, spontaneous perspiration and edema, long-last carbuncle and without burst. Taken by persons with low AIDS immune function, it plays a role of restraining HIV.
Asymptomatic carrier£¬AC
Asymptomatic carriers are usually patients in the early stage, but it has been found that in some asymptomatic carriers, the immune function is poor and T4 cell count is lower that 200/mm3.
Attenuated live vaccine
The vaccine that is prepared by adopting physical and chemical factors and biological method to make microorganism reduce its toxicity but still have activity and can be used for automatic immunity.
An antibody that reacts with the normal components of individuals that form the antibody.
The immune reaction against autocomponents. It can occur spontaneously or be induced by an antigen that has cross reaction with its autoantigen.
Azidothymidine£¬Zidovudine£¬AZT Azidothymidine double oxygenated, an integrase inhibitor of Reverse transcriptase, also the first preparation approved by FDA, mainly used to constrain the replication of viruses. Its side effects are mainly the constriction of bone marrow, reduction of whole blood cells and worsening of serious secondary cells. At present, it is proposed that it can be used in small dosage in the early stage, but different opinions are also put forward.
It is gained from abstracting Radix Scutellariae and is the main content of Radix Scutellariae that can treat AIDS. Clinically, intravenous drip can lower P24 antigen and increase CD4 cell count.
A person who has sexual intercourse with both persons of the same sex and opposite sex.
Blocking antibody
An antibody that constrains the reaction of a antigen and its antibody or sensitized T lymphocyte
Bupleurum chinense
A Chinese medicinal herb, bitter and slightly cold in nature, upon interring liver and gallbladder meridians, has the functions of relieving exterior syndrome, removing heat and soothing the liver, and can be used to cure upper respiratory tract infection, malaria, hepatitis and alternate attacks of chills and fever. It contains saikosaponin a,c,d etc. and has been manifested to be effective in the treatment of AIDS and able to constrain Reverse transcriptase. Its restraining rate of SIV is also can reach over 30%.
Burkitt¡¯s lymphoma
A non- differentiatial malignant tumor induced by EB virus and often manifested as large bone-dissolving??? coloboma or abdominal mass?
¦Â2-microglobulin assay£¬¦Â2M A method to be used to measure the globularprotein with molecular weight lower than 4000. Candida albicans
A common type of monilia that may cause thrush, esophagus candidiasis, colpitis and ringworm of the feet.
A superficial layer infection caused by candida albican, an epiphyte, at humid areas of skin of human body, often involving skin, mouth (oral candidiasis), respiratory tract and vagina.
Rough product of leaves and top inflorescence of cannabis, usually put into cigarettes to make you feel euphoria. It contains tetrahydrocannabinol, a component that make you in high spirits. Cannabinol and cannabidiol are of hallucinogens, and the finished product is called marijuana
Case controlled study
This is to compare the difference in percentage of patients with a disease and persons without the disease by exposing them to a likely hazardous factor and analyze whether these factors are related to the existence of the disease.?
Case definition
Clear determination of the limitation of any disease.
Namely tetrahydroxy octahydrogen medium nitrogen indene, a kind of alkaloid abstracted from chestnut trees in Australia. This drug has a role in protecting the cell system in human body infected by HIV, avoiding the formation of Syncytium and restraining the propagation of HIV among cells, but with significant toxicity.
Cell fusion
The combination of the adjacent parts or body of cells.
Cell proliferation assay£¬CPA
The method that cells breed and increase with similar form.
Cerebral lymphoma
A lymphous histoma in the chest. It often refers to malignant lymphoma.
A sex infectious disease caused by Ducrey hemophilus and and manifested as painless spots on the genitalia, which gradually enlarged into pus pocket, ulcer and groin lymphadenitis.
A cell or a group of organisms descended from a single individual with a common geneticgene.
Cluster of differentiation£¬antigen£¬CD
A group of Antigen determinants on the human cell membrane molecule, used to specify the differentiation stage of cells.
Namely cocaine, a kind of crystal alkaloid gained from the leaves of coco or the leaves of other family of coco genus, or synthesized from ecgonine or its ramification. It can be used at local mucous membrane and as anesthetic drug, but long-term abusage may get into habit and lead to chronic toxicosis.
Competitive immunoassay£¬CIA
A competitive constraining measurement method, in which complex formed in the competition between antigen and marked antigen existing in a system measured is measured. Each of them, with considerable determinants, competes to react with limited antibodies and forms the aforesaid complex respectively. This method is sensitive and differential.?A competitive constraining measurement method, in which complex formed in the competition between antigen and marked antigen existing in a system measured is measured. Each of them, with considerable determinants, competes to react with limited antibodies and forms the aforesaid complex respectively. This method is sensitive and differential.