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Technical scheme for the treatment of AIDS with Nano-tea

Plant agglutinin that promotes the karyokinesis of T lymphocyte and induce the selective increase of cultured t cells.
Cohort study
One of epidemiologic study methods, with which, a specific number of population is divided into two groups, one having been exposed to some factor and another not, and the former further divided into some sub-groups according to different exposure (such as drug takers and non- drug takers), and then is traced and observed for a certain time and compare the incidence and fatalities of the two groups or several groups to inspect the assumption of influence the factor has on the incidence of disease.
Also referred to as safe sheath or cundum, a flexible sheath, usually made of emulsion, designed to cover the penis during sexual intercourse for contraceptive purposes or as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
Condyloma acuminata
A papilloma caused by papillomavirus, often happened in the pudendum or the mucous membrane and skin around the anus.
Coptis chinensis
Bitter and cold in nature, entering heart, liver and stomach meridians, and able to treat fever£¬fidget£¬unconsciousness£¬flaring heart-fire£¬insomnia£¬haematemesis£¬nose bleeding£¬carbuncle and sore. In the culture of H9 cell, plays the role of containing HIV.
Cordyceps sinensis
Bitter and warm in nature, entering the live and kidney meridians, tonifying the lung and tonifying the kidney, capable of treating tuberculosis, chough, emptysis and weakness after illness.In the country, it is used to treat AIDS with a certain effect.
Core antigen
A core antigen with antigenicity.
Core protein The core structure of a virus that takes the shape of a hollow taper with a diameter of 40nm is composed of 2 copied single strand normal chain DNA gene groups, reverse transcriptase and structural protein of envelope.
A preparation of sulfamethoxazole jointly used with antisepsis synergist, with its antisepsis effect increased by several times. Except bacillus pyocyaneus and tubercle bacillus, it is also effective to Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria and often used for the treatment of typhoid, urinary tract infection, gonorrhea, chronic bronchitis and tolerance-------sapraemia.
Refer to the individual talks medical worker has with patients to help them how to handle correctly the problems concerned with AIDS, e.g. provide consulting opinions to AIDS patients, HIV infected, their sexual partners and those who have close contact with them and persons who have dubious symptoms and educate them how to correctly face AIDS, serum positive and the discrimination by surrounding people, how to prevent the disease from spread and how to have safety sexual intercourse.
Cross section study
Status study, a method commonly used in epidemiology and hygienics. It is to study the relation between the variables at a specific time and in a specific scope and the disease and health state, namely to investigate the illness, some variables and characters of every one at a specific time.
Cryptococcal meningitis
The meningitis caused by cryptococcal neoformans.
Infection caused by Cryptosporozoan, manifested as long-term diarrhea, loss of body weight, fever and bellyache.
A drug that has a strong affinity with tumor tissue and in the tumor tissue, it can release nitrogen mustard groups, which can restrain the nucleic protein synthesis of tumor virus, and is effective in the treatment of malignant lymphoma, lung cancer and mammary cancer. Phosphamide can be admitted by AIDS patients complicated with lymphoma.
Cyclosporin A
A product of mycotic metabolism that doesn¡¯t damage the bone marrow, but selectively restrains the hyperplasia and activation of T cells the response of T cells to interleukin-2. It is usually used together with delta cortisone to treat AIDS accompanied with lymphoma.
A polypeptide, the cell secretion of which influences the function of other cells.
Cytomegalovirus £¬CMV
A group of herpes viruses that has high host differential and can infect human being, monkey and rodent. It can produce special giant cell with intranuclear inclusion body and induce clinical syndrome on the host. Most of the infection, which are called by a joint name cytomegalovirus infect, are light and sub-clinical illness, such as cytomegalovirus retinitis.
Cytomegalovirus retinitis
Retinitis caused by cytomegalovirus, manifested as visual disturbance, retinal vasculitis, hydrops, exudation and bleeding.
Cytotoxic lymphocyte£¬CTL
T lymphocyte that has the function of killing other cells.
Delayed type hypersensitivity
A inflammation response of a sensitizing individual 24-48 hours after being attacked by antibody, also an immune response induced by cells.
Dendrit cells
A fibrocyte umbo or a cell proliferation that can extend between adjacent cells in the skin and organs and is different to macrophage in shape and function.
Desoxyribonucleic acid£¬DNA
A genetic substance that makes up all the cellular organism and DNA virus.
A preparation for anti-reverse transcriptase. With a role close to ddC, it is more effective and less noxious than AZT, and can reduce blood P24 antigen and increase the of T4 cell count.
This drug has less toxicity to human cell series, but poor effect in anti-viruses.
Its role is also to restrain reverse transcriptase and reduce the replication of viruses without cross drug resistance with AZT, but with long half-life period and less bone marrow suppression. It may lead to peripheral neuritis, pancreatitis and hepatitis. It is stressed that the drug should not be admitted independently but in combination with AZT.
2¡¯3¡¯-Didexycytidine£¬ddC Among all the nucleotides, ddC has the strongest effect in anti-HIV and its role is also anti-reverse transcriptase. After the drug is taken, the number of HIVp24 in the serum decreases while that of T4 cells increases. Its side effects are skin rash and esophagus ulcer. It is also stressed that the drug should be admitted in combination with AZT.
Envelope antigen
Envelope protein with antigenicity.
Envelope protein
A coating protein around envelope, usually composed of host cells partially at least.
Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay£¬ELLSA
A method used to measure antigen and antibody with enzyme substrate. This method has both enzymatic activity and immune function.
Infectious disease that breaks out suddenly propagates quickly and endangers a number of people.
Epimedium brevicornum
Hot, sweet and warm in nature, entering liver and kidney meridians, it can be used to treat impotence, premature ejaculation and chronic bronchitis, and shows effective in constraining HIV on H9 cells.
The synonym of Antigen determinant. See Antigen determinant.
Epstein-Barr virus£¬EBV
A kind of herpes virus that induces infectious mononucleosis, and is related to Burkitt lymphoma, nose and throat tumor and Hairy leukoplakia.
Refer to the manifestation degree of corresponding genotype in genetics.
False negative
Refer to eliminating an individual from an item of diagnosis or test result of other scope.
False positive
Refer to adding an individual into an item of diagnosis or test result of other scope.
Foscarnet£¬PFA A non-competitive inhibitor of Reverse transcriptase, having a role in anti-HIV in cooperation with ¦Á-interferon.
Full-blown AIDS
An immunodeficiency that is up to the CDC AIDS standard and without any known cause and accompanied with one or several opportunistic infections.
Fusidic acid
A steroid antibody element abstracted from epiphyte fusicidum coccineum, which can constrain proteins and play a role of anti-bacteria, and is effective in the treatment of patients with AIDS complicated with alimentary infection.
Also called Gengxiluowei, it is related with acyclovir and is capable of infiltrating virus DNA to prevent virus from duplication. It is effective in the treatment of AIDS complicated with retinitis caused by cytomegalovirus.
Ganoderma lucidum
Tasteless, slight bitter and warm in nature, entering the kidney and spleen meridians, capable of strengthening by means of tonics, soothing the spirit and invigorating the stomach, it can be used to treat weakness, insomnia and senile bronchitis and has a role in regulating the immunity of AIDS patients with an increase of T4 cells and rending no influence onT8 after being taken.

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