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Technical scheme for the treatment of AIDS with Nano-tea

What is nanometer? What is nano-tea?

Nanometer is not a meter, but a unit of size. 1 nanometer is one thousandth of 1 micrometer, one millionth of 1 millimeter, or one billionth of 1 meter, meanwhile 1 micrometer is one thousandth of 1 millimeter. The 20th century is a micrometer area, when people had invented a great number of products that can be seen only by ultramicroscope and had rapidly changed the living of the people.
Because of appearance of scanning channel microscope, nano-technology has emerged in the 21st century, and in the range of 0.1-100nm, many new products can be developed, which has made modern people dazzling, and will further change the living of the people.
Nano-dark green tea, Nano-green tea and Nano-liquorice tea, etc produced by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-Products Co., Ltd are made of selenium-rich plant (tea), which is processed with a patented technology called ¡°three steps of nano-tea preparation¡± (patent N0.:02100314.9): traditional pulverization ¡úair current pulverization (making plants knock against each other) ¡úNano-pulverizations (Multi-layers grading nano-ball-milling technique). The particles of the powder thus prepared can be seen only under a 0.1 million-fold microscope. The powder at such fineness are called ¡°Nano-grade¡± product, and the tea thus prepared is called nano-tea.

A new product in the prevention of AIDS ¨C ¡°Nano-liquorice tea¡±

Nano-liquorice tea produced by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-products Co., Ltd is an achievement of scientific research of Qinhuangdao Institute of Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine and is developed on the basis of the original ultra-micro crushing technology. The prescription of ¡°Qingxuetouduling¡± was aimed at ¡°breaking the wall¡± of modules of medicinal herbs and preparing drug powder with particles of? 0.5¦Ìm-5¦Ìm. At that time, it was for the purpose to sufficiently release the effective components of drugs and increase their medicinal effects.
Later it was found that if the particles of drugs are crashed into 30-60nm - the size of viruses, the physical efficiency of adsorption of particles will be strong enough to absorb and kill viruses. In addition, another physical effect of the particles, ¡°floating effect¡±, can render the particles distributed in the blood and prevent viruses from entering into the cells, and thus let AIDS viruses loose the opportunity to reproduce (AIDS viruses, after entering cells and infested there, rely on the nutrition of cells to reproduce) and block the duplication of AIDS viruses.
Why is it Nano-tea instead of Nano-drug?
As the effect the particles of nano-plants embody is a physical effect (small size effect) instead of a chemical action (it is hopeless for chemical drugs to eliminate viruses), the product is called nano-tea, and why tea is selected as raw material to prepare nano-particles, because tea is easy to prepare and safe to take. For details, see ¡°Nano-particles in prevention of AIDS and viral infectious diseases of blood¡±. (Patent No. 02110313.0).

Two large functions of nano-green tea and nano- liquorice tea in the treatment of AIDS

1. Adsorption function
Nano-tea, after prepared into micro-particles of 30-60nm and taken into human body, can enter the blood immediately. As the particles have such an extended surface area that 1 gram of nano-particles has a total surface area up to 640m2? and the surface of the particles has an adsorption ability with its static charge, the particles can make direct contact with AIDS viruses, adsorb onto them tightly, deprive their activity and remove them out of body through metabolism, thus quickly reducing the total number of viruses in the blood and gradually restore the blood to normal.
2.Floating and blocking function
Although having a strong reproduction capacity, AIDS virus, as a parasite, must rely on the cells, the base for its living and reproduction. How to prevent it to enter the cells, therefore, is also a key in the treatment of AIDS.
After entering the human body, the particles of nano-tea will float in the blood and body fluid, and viruses, being seized by the floating particles, will be unable to move freely, contact with and enter into the cells, get nutrition to reproduce and finally being expelled from the body through metabolism.

Mechanism and characteristics of nano-green tea and nano-liquorice tea in the prevention of hepatitis B

AIDS viruses are difficult to remove because they are too small (20-50nm) and Compared with viruses, cells appear too large and inflexible to fight against them, just as a gun attacking mosquitoes.
Viruses were found with electron microscope a century ago, and now, with the aid of the same electron microscope, nano-technology has been established and nano-products produced.
Nano-tea is the first drinkable nano-product produced with nano-technology. The ¡°nano-liquorice tea¡± and nano-green tea" developed and produced by Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-products Co., Ltd are made of tea and liquorice, which are crashed with nano-technology into 30-60nm particles (the size of viruses) (patent name: multi-layer grading nano-ball milling technology, patent No.:01144446.0). These particles, after being taken, can directly enter the blood, adsorb on viruses, contact with and adhere to them one vs. one tightly (attraction action of surface charge), making viruses inactive, unable to duplicate and easy to be metabolized out of the body. In addition, particles of nano-liquorice tea can float evenly in the blood, prevent AIDS viruses from approaching the cells, block the reproduction of viruses and finally remove them out completely.