Selenium concentration of foods

From foods we can get selenium needed by the metabolism of human body. For your reference, the selenium concentrations of foods frequently taken by residents in our country are listed as follows:

Samples Specifications Samples Specifications

Pork 106 µg/kg. Beef 43 µg/kg.

Mutton 44 µg/kg. Eggs 233 µg/kg.

Duck's eggs 307 µg/kg. Goose's eggs 336 µg/kg.

Ginseng 150 µg/kg. Peanut 137 µg/kg.

Mung bean 35 µg/kg. Rice 70 µg/kg.

Flour 47 µg/kg. Maize 35 µg/kg.

Apple 20 µg/kg. Milk 53 µg/kg.

Sweet potato 35 µg/kg.

Source: Sources of selenium in diet and their research and development

Note: The selenium concentration in a kind of food varies with area, because the selenium levels in the soil of different areas are different, which affects the absorption of selenium by plants and further the level of selenium in animal body. For example, the selenium concentration of plants in high selenium region ( Enshi , Hubei Province) is dozens to hundreds times that of selenium deficient regions.

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