A Brief Introduction to the company

Qinghuangdao Ialji Ring Nano-Product company Limited is the first privatized enterprise to promote the manoplant applied products and the ball-milling pulverization machinery for manoplant processing on the market with an integration of science, industry and trade, and it owns independent intellectual property right from machinery designing and manufacture and related accessory to product development.

The patents promulgated by the Intellectual Property Right Press are as follows:

Nano-Chinese medical oral tablets and their preparation methods

Patent No.: 01100033.3

The three-step preparation method and its application for nanotea

Patent No.: 02100314.9

Multi-layers grading nano-ball-milling technique

Patent No.: 01144446.0

Multidimensional swinging nano-ball-milling machine

Patent No.: 00244295.7

The Products Scope

• Nano-teas, which include production and sale of six tea categories of nano-selenium rich leas.

• Nano-coffee, which includes production and sale of nano-products of world-famous coffees.

• Nano- chitin/chitosan which include production and sale of nano- chitin/chitosan nano-grade fines.

Nano-ball-milling machines, which include production and sale of high-energy swinging and crashing nano-ball-milling machines and multi-layer grading nanoballing-milling machines with supplies of picking parts and water-cooling systems

A Brief Introduction to Nano-Selenium teas

Nano-selenium Rich Teas are made into six tea categories, black, green, dark green, yellow, white and dark with selenium rich teas. After being processed with nano-technology, the selenium rich teas have increased ten folds in terms of the tea special performance such as selenium supplement, absorption of free radicals and virus removal. They can be made either in cold or hot water, which ushers tea drinking into the high-taste life of selenium supplement and prevention of diseases.

A Brief Introduction to Nano-Coffee

After cell walls of coffee are broken, the absorption of proteins, minerals and trace elements has increased 6 folds and the puckery taste of pure coffee is changed to that of smoothness, making substances good for the brain like caffeine pass through the cerebral screen rapidly and livening up the mechanism of the brain, which constitutes a noble drink for the nano-century.

A Brief Introduction to Nano chitin/chitosan

chitin is the only natural high-molecule material with a positive charge and a kind of natural alkaline poly-sugar (alkali polysaccharide), which merely ranks ranks the second polysaccharide next to fibers . It is widely used in biomedicine , pharmaceuticals and health-care products, foodstuffs, cosmetics, agriculture and environment. With the development of super micronisation of crustaceans and their derivative particles, their application scope has been extended and heir performances have proved better. Presently, he Company has successfully churned out nano-grade crustaceans/crustacean poly-carbohydrate products, and now the cost of product has been lowered in order to meet the need of he market.

A brief Introduction to the Multi-layer Grading Nano-Ball-Milling machine

The Multi-layer Grading Nano-Ball-Milling Machine can make materials gain impact with ball-milling through a two-way motion, and 10nm materials are made to pass through machine cavity, multi-layers, multi-types and multi-diameter milling mediums and pulverized into under 100 nm nano-grade fines within 30min. the materials can be fed in and out continuously, which provides assembly line production technique for the industrialization of nano-materials. The machine can be used for processing nano-fines of ceramic materials, animal and plants and minerals.

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