Nano-Selenium Rich Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea is made to breed micro-organism enzymes in big quantities through "closed stacking", which is featured by "the color of yellow good for stomach and spleens". Nano-Selenium Rich Yellow Tea is prepared through pulverization of nano-walls with the selenium-rich yellow tea. The said product can absorb and eliminate free radicals, and can play an important role together with anti-oxidant of selenium in adjusting the stomach and spleens of human bodies.

Study shows that the lower content of selenium in human bodies, the more likely people contract stomach and spleen diseases. With the lowering of selenium level in human bodies, the human immune function will decrease, which will lead to the instability of stomach mucosa, and the yellow purine oxidized enzymes will continue to rise, resulting injuries of blood-deficiency, the increase of free radicals, leading to gastritis, gastric ulcers, etc.. For some patients with stomach diseases (e.g. superficial gastritis, astrophy gastritis, gastric carcinoma), the decrease of selenium in their bodies will lead to the worsening of their sickness correspondingly. The anti-oxidation nature of selenium will be able to restrain the forming of active oxygen, remove the free radicals from the metabolic process, stopping the stomach mucosa from necrosis and improve the recovery of mucosa and healing of ulcers so that cancer can be prevented. Daily intake of certain amount of selenium will help the recovery of patients with stomach diseases. Besides, intake of selenium will relieve patients with constipation from the pain greatly. This is also the unique function of such product.

Selenium can play an active role in adjusting the body mechanism and enhance the immune system of human body, and is a trace element essential for life activities. Lack of selenium will result in 40-plus kinds of diseases to human bodies including cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases, hypertension, stomach and intestine diseases, diabetes, asthma, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS, etc.. 2/3 of the areas in our country belong to those of low in selenium or short of selenium, and daily intake of selenium per person is far below 50microgram/day. A rational composition of diet will ensure the increase of intake of selenium.

Tea is a drink containing selenium. Some areas rich in selenium such as Enshi of Hubei and Ziyang of Shaanxi are abundant with selenium rich tea. The tiny molecules of organic and inorganic selenium and selenium proteins in the selenium rich tea can effectively supplement selenium elements of which human bodies are in dire need, but the conventional method of soaking the selenium rich tea can only supply 10% selenium elements into tea drinks. Given the selenium content is 3ppm-5ppm and daily intake of 5-6 g of selenium rich tea, only 2-3microgram of selenium element can be supplemented, which is far below the daily intake standard (50-200microgram) prescribed by WHO, and moreover 90% of the precious selenium rich tea is wasted away.

Prepared with nano-technology, the nano-tea can release effectively all the excellent essences of the tea, thus boosting the absorption (absorbing viruses, free radicals, cholesterol and blood lipid) and annihilation of viruses through penetration so that a good supplement of selenium has been achieved. With selenium rich tea from Enshi of Hubei as the raw material, Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-Product Company Limited has conducted a systematic study and development of nano-selenium rich tea with the self-developed patented technique--"Three-Step Method" of nano-tea preparation and its application, processed into six major categories of nano-tea and solved the dilemma of safe supplement of selenium rich tea and utilization of resources.

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