Three Physical Effects of Nano-Selenium rich Dark Green Tea
– Adsorbing, Removing and Annihilating Viruses

1.Adsorption of Nano-Tea

Nano-tea possesses obvious "allosome adsorbing" biological function, which adsorbs molecules of other matters and is called "allosome adsorption". This biological feature has been widely utilized at home and abroad. Traditional made tea is capable of adsorbing viruses, fat, cholesterol, free radicals, etc. from within the body, but the adsorbing quantity increases with the increase of adsorbing area, and therefore fails to bring adsorption into a full play, whereas nano-tea can maximize the adsorption function as tea particles (powders) have turned fine and tiny while occupied area has increased to a large extent (internationally known as the gravity of Vandward).

The distribution sizes of nano-teas average 10-300nm, which are equivalent to those of most viruses. When encountering viruses in the body, nano-tea particles are able to adsorb and de-activate them through adsorption, render them incapable of entering the cells to reproduce and finally discharge them as metabolic substances. In the meantime, nano-tea also maintains very good adsorbing and removing function towards the redundant fat, cholesterol and free radicals in the body, and its health-care effect is amazing.

2. Tunnel effect of nano-tea particles

At present, the diameters of nano-tea micro particles range 10-300nm, about 40% of which are distributed under 100nm and particles of such size are capable of penetrating the walls, i.e. they are able to penetrate cell walls and enter the cells, adsorbing the viruses inside the cells. Particles ranging 10-20nm may also exert penetration and turn out to be the true killers of viruses. As for other parts such as prostate where the medical efficacy is hard to reach, nano-tea particles can also pierce and penetrate them. Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Research Institute conducted a probe into the effect on three major antigens of 192 cases of hepatitis B carriers by using the nano-dark green tea and is the first one to study Hepatitis B with physical therapy, and has obtained outstanding results.

3.Why the selenium rich teas are adopted?

Studies on Keshan disease (Coxsackie virus) have found that the selenium has the function of resisting viruses. As shown by our studies, when the selenium concentration in the blood exceeds the endurance of viruses, the viruses will be killed for taking excessive poison. This high concentration ranges 3-6 time that of normal people, or much more higher, and so we have put forward a trial Se supplement scheme of gradually increased or slightly decreased according to response = an adequate dosage
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