The natural killer of liver diseases – selenium

The well-to-do Chinese people now are able to enjoy rich material living, excellent medical and health facilities and splendid modern culture, however, human being are still relatively small in front of the nature. Located in the Changjiang Delta, Qidong area is a land of fish and rice, but for a long time the incidence of liver cancer and hepatitis of the people there have been kept at a high level, and its reason is not clear. The experts with the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, through studies for over 10 years, have finally found out that the reason lies in the lack of element "selenium" in the water, soil and grain, and the people living in such an environment usually take little selenium from the water and food, leading to low concentration of selenium in human body and susceptible to viral infection. In addition, hepatitis Patients suffering from selenium deficiency for a long time are vulnerable to be transferred to liver cancer.

Experts have supplemented selenium in the food for the local people in Qidong, and the result shows that the population who have taken selenium have their incidence of hepatitis lowered and are not susceptible to be infected by hepatitis viruses. What deserves to be specially mentioned is that selenium can promote the improvement of the state of hepatitis, and greatly lower the incident rate of hepatitis Patients. Experts have suggested that even in the spherical areas that don't lack selenium, supplementing adequate selenium is beneficial to the prevention of liver cancer and hepatitis.

The finding of experts is of great significance to the liver disease sufferers that amount to120 million in China .

Experts have reminded us:

The effective way to protect your liver is the supplement of adequate selenium. Clinical experiments have proved that for hepatitis A and B sufferers, supplement of selenium can greatly improve the symptoms of inappetence, lacking in strength and gloom countenance and restore all the indices of most hepatitis B patients to normal, and without any toxic or side effect.
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