Selenium Rich Tea and Nano-Technology

Selenium can play an active role in adjusting the body mechanism and enhance the immune system of human body, and is a trace element essential for life activities. Lack of selenium will result in 40-plus kinds of diseases to human bodies including cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases, hypertension, stomach and intestine diseases, diabetes, asthma, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS, etc.. 2/3 of the areas in our country belong to those of low in selenium or short of selenium, and daily intake of selenium per person is far below 50microgram/day. A rational composition of diet will ensure the increase of intake of selenium.

Tea is a drink containing selenium. Some areas rich in selenium such as Enshi of Hubei and Ziyang of Shaanxi are abundant with selenium rich tea. The tiny molecules of organic and inorganic selenium and selenium proteins in the selenium rich tea can effectively supplement selenium elements of which human bodies are in dire need, but the conventional method of soaking the selenium rich tea can only supply 10% selenium elements into tea drinks. Given the selenium content is 3ppm-5ppm and daily intake of 5-6 g of selenium rich tea, only 2-3microgram of selenium element can be supplemented, which is far below the daily intake standard (50-200microgram) prescribed by WHO, and moreover 90% of the precious selenium rich tea is wasted away.

Prepared with nano-technology, the nano-tea can release effectively all the excellent essences of the tea, thus boosting the absorption (absorbing viruses, free radicals, cholesterol and blood lipid) and annihilation of viruses through penetration so that a good supplement of selenium has been achieved. With selenium rich tea from Enshi of Hubei as the raw material, Qinhuangdao Taiji Ring Nano-Product Company Limited has conducted a systematic study and development of nano-selenium rich tea with the self-developed patented technique--"Three-Step Method" of nano-tea preparation and its application, processed into six

major categories of nano-tea and solved the dilemma of safe supplement of selenium rich tea and utilization of resources.

1. Nano-Selenium Rich White Tea

White Tea originates in Anji of Zhejiang and is now planted all over in the south of Yangtze River . The selenium content increases when White Tea has the first shoot with above three or four leaves and reaches the maximum in the old leaves. Literature reports: the trace element of selenium is able to prevent and treat effectively asthma. Study shows that clinical symptoms will turn better for patients with asthma after intake of selenium, with coughing relieved, spit quantities reduced, buzzing in the lungs lessened or eliminated, lung performance improved remarkably and clogging of the small trachea obviously relieved in particular, from which it can be seen that selenium is of great significance in prevention and treatment of asthma and agrees with the cognition of the traditional culture that "White Tea flows into lungs, clears lungs and builds up one's lungs".

Nano-selenium rich White Tea derives from the old and large leaves of the White Tea and is frozen and dehydrated, through traditional pulverization air current pulverization multi-layer ball-milling, and processed into tea powders of average size about100nm in diameter with selenium content higher than 6ppm, one function of which contains anti-oxidizing enzymes and water soluble enzymes, the second is that the small size effect can annihilate viruses and bacteria through absorption and penetration and the third is the joint performance of selenium together with Vitamins C and E can prevent and treat lung and respiratory diseases. Drinking Nano-selenium rich White Tea can help relieve a cough, reduce spitting, relieve asthma and clear the throat.

2. Nano-Selenium Rich Dark Green Tea

Traditional tea culture holds that "dark green tea is of a dark green color, fit for treatment of liver and gall diseases". Study finds that selenium can protect and tend the liver. Intake of selenium can boost the immunity of the body mechanism of patients with hepatitis and prevents the chronic hepatitis from hurting the liver and viscera of human body's, thus improving the regeneration of liver cells, preventing the liver from fibrosis, halting the dying process of the liver, relieving the liver disease of the patient, increasing the ratio of negative conversion and stopping the liver disease from abrupt change. Intake of selenium for patients with hepatitis can improve greatly the patient's appetite, apparent feebleness, gray and dark complexion, etc. in a relatively short time. Yu Shuyu et al, medical experts in our country, conducted an experiment of having 130000 inhabitants of Qidong County of Jiangsu intake selenium for prevention and treatment of cancer for 16 years, with the findings that the intake of selenium can lower the contraction of hepatitis to 35% and the outbreak of the patients with the family history of cancer of the liver to 50%, and the prevention of abrupt change is outstanding. In 2004, a report entitled "Influence of Nano-Selenium Dark Green Tea on the Three Major Antigen Systems of Hepatitis B" was published, wherein the negative conversion ratio of HBSAg for 192 cases reached 41%, the negative conversion ratio of HBeAG reached 71% for 133 cases and the most striking was the negative conversion ratio of kernel antigen (HBC) was 75% for 181 cases.

Dark green tea originates in Fujian , and planting of such teas are found everywhere across the Yangtze River . Enshi Tea is high in selenium in autumn and further processed into selenium rich dark-green tea with nano-technology after airing and shaking, which is conducive to not only the full release of the joint performance of the anti-oxidizing enzymes and selenium in the tea, but also the annihilation of viruses through absorption and penetration for the nano particles (of which selenium ions are of attacking nature) and is the perfect of manifestation of nano-technology in the processing of teas. Daily intake of nano-selenium rich dark green tea is calculated at 15g, and daily intake of selenium exceeds 100microgram, which can be regarded as the most effective and the safest way of selenium intake.

3.Nano-Selenium Rich Black Tea

The 60's of the twentieth century witnessed the outbreak of Keshan disease in our country. Under the instructions of Premier Zhou Enlai, the experts of our country specialized in the study of nutritional science and trace elements conducted a study on Keshan disease characterized by the major symptoms of myocardial necrosis and found that lack of selenium is the main cause for the occurrence of Keshan disease. With the supplemental intake of selenium, the said disease prevalent in the selenium-deficiency areas was brought under control. The study has proved the relationship of selenium with Keshan disease for the first time. At the end of last century, scientists further discovered through observation that selenium deficiency is one of the major factors for hypertension syndromes, coronary, blood-deficiency myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, etc. Research over many year has found that supplemental intake of selenium may help clear away the harmful substances like fat

peroxide in blood vessels and protect the integrity of the cell membranes of the arterial vascular walls, thus preventing atherosclerosis and playing a role in halting the forming of thrombus and guarding against myocardial infarction. Besides, it was also discovered that supplemental intake of

selenium may lower cholesterol and triolein, and an adequate intake of selenium may also protect myocardial cells and prevent the heart from injuries and heart-attack from happening. An American questionnaire indicates that people who died of heart attack, cardiac-vascular diseases, stroke, hypertension, etc. in the selenium-deficiency areas are three times more than those from the selenium rich areas. There are two cities in Finland with drinking water rich in relatively high selenium, where the death toll from heart diseases is only one seventh of two adjacent cities with drinking water of low selenium content. WTO has already included selenium into one of the elements relevant to cardiac-vascular diseases.

Why can a sufficient amount of selenium ensure one's heart for injuries? The truth is that the metabolic process of the heart will produce a great deal of fat peroxide which causes damage to the cell walls, whereas glutamic peptide peroxide enzyme with selenium content may have them resolved, thus protecting the integrity of the myocardial cells. The activity of such enzymes decreases in case of lack of selenium, causing the peroxide to form a vicious cycle in the body where viruses go berserk with a heart failure ensued. With Enshi Teas as raw materials, Nano-Selenium Rich Black Teas is prepared per "the three-step method of nano-preparation". For the purpose of preventing enzymes and selenium from being affected by high temperature, freezing and drying approach is adopted after yeasting before nano-tech preparation. One of the functions is that nano particles can absorb and eliminate free radicals, cholesterol, other fat peroxides of hypertension; the second is that they are beneficial to the release of anti-oxidization of abundant polyphenol and Vitamins C and E; the third is they release selenium elements good for cardiac muscles. In other words, nano particles, polyphenol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium element in Nano-Selenium Rich Black Tea are miraculously joined together to form the natural "heart-protection baby".

4. Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea

Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea is made through nano-tech process with unscrambled old fresh frozen green leaves. The small-sized particles of such products can absorb and remove quite a number of bacteria and viruses through penetration, the nano-grade selenium particles of which work wonders in attacking Aids viruses and can be called a natural drink of wide-spectrum anti-bacteria and anti-virus, seeming to be the killer of Aids viruses prepared by the Nature. Qinhuangdao Hepatitis B Chinese Medical Research Institute has already treated Aids with Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea and made congratulatory progress in recommending the supplemental intake of selenium contained in the Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea to be used for improvement of the symptoms of patients with Aids, helping patients gain the confidence that Aids can be cured.

Another important function of Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea is anticancer. It is discovered in the investigation of epidemic diseases that the occurrence rate of cancer in the selenium-deficiency arrears is higher than that in selenium rich areas. In recent years, selenium has been regarded as the king of anticancer, with one of the functions to stop normal cells from turning into cancerous ones and the other to maim or kill cancerous cells or constrain the growth of cancerous cells. In 2004, the combination use of overdosed selenium with Yilitikang produced surprising results. After combined use with overdosed selenium, the curative rate of sensitive rectum cancer and head cervical cancer reached 100%, while that of insensitive rectum caner and head cervical cancer reached 40-80%. The relevant information indicated that selenium proved effective in prevention of cancer, control of caner from worsening, lowering medicine resistance in chemo-therapy, relieving the pain from radiation and chemo-therapy, maiming cancerous cells insensitive to chemo-therapy medicines and improving the curative rate of chemo-therapy. The latest discovery of the remarkable increase of curative rate of chemo-therapy medicines by use of overdosed selenium will push the research and application of the combination use of selenium with chemo-therapy in prevention and treatment of cancer. However, the range between the bio-activity and toxicity is extremely narrow, and auxiliary treatment of cancer for chemo-therapy usually entails a large dosage of selenium while the maximum is controlled at 1500 microgram depending on different stages. The dosage for boosting the cancer curative rate in combination chemo-therapy belongs to over dosage of selenium, and the dosage range recommended is still unavailable at present. The estimated dosage is about 10mg, and such dosage approaches or enters the toxic range of selenium, which restrains the potentials of treatment of cancer with selenium and pesters the application of selenium. Therefore, scientists all over the world have studied many selenium compounds in an attempt to search for a form of selenium of high activity and low toxicity.

The selenium contained in the Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea has reached a nano-grade nature-transforming level, which boosts the activity of selenium greatly and lowers its toxicity, making possible the overdosed intake of selenium.

on different stages. The dosage for boosting the cancer curative rate toxic range of selenium, which restrains the potentials of treatment of cancer with selenium and pesters the application of selenium. Therefore, scientists all over the world have studied many selenium compounds in an attempt to search for a form of selenium of high activity and low toxicity. The selenium contained in the Nano-Selenium Rich Green Tea has reached a nano-grade nature-transforming level, which boosts the activity of selenium greatly and lowers its toxicity, making possible the overdosed intake of selenium.

5.Nano-Selenium Rich Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea is made to breed micro-organism enzymes in big quantities through "closed stacking", which is featured by "the color of yellow good for stomach and spleens". Nano-Selenium Rich Yellow Tea is prepared through pulverization of nano-walls with the selenium-rich yellow tea. The said product can absorb and eliminate free radicals, and can play an important role together with anti-oxidant of selenium in adjusting the stomach and spleens of human bodies.

Study shows that the lower content of selenium in human bodies, the more likely people contract stomach and spleen diseases. With the lowering of selenium level in human bodies, the human immune function will decrease, which will lead to the instability of stomach mucosa, and the yellow purine oxidized enzymes will continue to rise, resulting injuries of blood-deficiency, the increase of free radicals, leading to gastritis, gastric ulcers, etc.. For some patients with stomach diseases (e.g. superficial gastritis, astrophy gastritis, gastric carcinoma), the decrease of selenium in their bodies will lead to the worsening of their sickness correspondingly. The anti-oxidation nature of selenium will be able to restrain the forming of active oxygen, remove the free radicals from the metabolic process, stopping the stomach mucosa from necrosis and improve the recovery of mucosa and healing of ulcers so that cancer can be prevented. Daily intake of certain amount of selenium will help the recovery of patients with stomach diseases. Besides, intake of selenium will relieve patients with constipation from the pain greatly. This is also the unique function of such product.

6.Nano-Selenium Rich Dark Tea

Dark tea is unique only to our country, and is the daily necessity for the Chinese minorities. Nano-Selenium Rich Dark Tea is made through "stacking" (a great deal of enzyme will take place during the yeasting process, which is still incalculable up to now) and processed with Nano-technology.

Nano-Selenium Rich Dark Tea presents "the color of dark good for kidneys", which may absorb and annihilate viruses through penetration, absorb and remove free radicals, cholesterols and lipids, adjust blood sugar, of which the nano-selenium is capable of penetrating the walls of prostate and may also constrain the hyperplasia of prostate by cadmium in addition to penetration annihilation of viruses and bacteria.

Male diseases often have something to do with kidneys. The higher the selenium level in the sperms, the more the sperm quantities and the more active the males are. Selenium may boost the secretion of hormones and sex function. Another study indicates that emotional turbulence will be caused due to lack of selenium during the menstrual or menopause period for females, and the lack of selenium is proportional to the emotional turbulence. In the first 3 months of miscarriages or repeated miscarriages for women, low selenium content is observed in these females. Such early pregnancy failures are quite relevant to the lowering of biological membranes and DNA anti-oxidation protection capability caused by lack of selenium.

In addition, in the capital of selenium, Enshi, live many one-hundred-year old people. Huazhong Industrial Engineering College testified through study that the selenium content in these aged people is higher 3-6 times than that in the healthy people, which is the most important trace element against ageing. All these correspond with the theory of Chinese medicine on kidneys and viscera, which is a manifestation of the rationality of "dark tea cares for kidney

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