Preparation and application of nano-selenium rich food in anti-viruses

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In the period of SARS, food expert Chen Junshi of our country pointed out that "selenium is the only protein element that has direct relation with viruses", American Prof. Will.Taylor proposed that "patients with AIDS, hepatitis and common cold are suffering from selenium deficiency, and supplement of selenium can restrain viruses". His point of view is in conformity with the practice in inhibiting Coxsackie's viruses and preventing Keshan disease with selenium supplementation in the seventies in our country. The selenium and selenium rich food are, therefore, the focus of world attention.

Another American selenium expert Comds has pointed out that the existing selenium intake criterion is formulated in consideration of meeting the basic physiological requirements of human body, and is not applicable to the prevention of cancer and viruses. If considering the prevention of cancer and viruses, the criterion of intake should be increased.

Owing to the narrow range between the dosages of nutrition and toxicity of selenium, people have been exploring a safe method of selenium supplementation with low toxicity and high efficiency in order to increase the intake, but without any result. The United States alone has studied 800-odd forms of selenium, and has not found out a valuable selenium product featured by high effect and low toxicity. Now Chinese have magically solved the worldwide difficulty by adopting nano-technology.

• Preparation of nano-selenium rich food

• Preparation of zero valence nano-selenium

Zhang Jinsong et al have invented a process to produce reddish active nano-selenium with zero valence selenium. In this process, selenium compound or elemental selenium is first added with reducing agent and reduced, and then added with protein or polypeptide metaprotien state or polypeptide state elemental selenium, and separated to active reddish elemental selenium, and finally added with additive, stirred even and encased into capsules.

• Preparation of organic nano-selenium

Many processes are available to produce organic nano-selenium with organic selenium, mainly adopting sodium selenite with vitamin C as reducer, which is added while stirred until the mixture does not turns again to red, and then the mixture is dried in a vacuum box. After crashed, the elemental selenium thus produced is added with additive, stirred even and bagged in capsules for use.

• Preparation of nano-selenium rich tea

Nano-selenium rich tea is prepared with self-developed patent - high-energy ball milling technique. Its particles are distributed between 80-180nm, averaging 100nm in diameter. After pelletized and bagged, Nano-selenium rich tea can be taken with cold and hot water, and its micro-molecular organic selenium and selenium proteins can be sufficiently released and absorbed by human body.

• Application of nano-selenium in anti-viruses

• Anti-AIDS viruses

In 2000, Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, through "AIDS aiding net", began to recommend to AIDS patients the nano-selenium green tea, which has manifested outstanding effect in relieving the symptoms of fever, diarrhea, lowering weight, lymph enlargement, liver and spleen enlargement. Now the nano-selenium rich tea has already been introduced to the AIDS high- incidence area Burundi in Africa to be used in aiding activities.

Shanghai Sitong Nano-Port Co., Ltd also has donated its nano-selenium health care product "Xiwang" worth several hundred thousand Yuan, and recommended to AIDS patients the method of selenium supplementation, thinking that selenium is beneficial to the removal of free radicals and the blockage of vicious circle of viruses.

• Anti-hepatitis B viruses

Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute began in 2002 to recommend nano-selenium rich dark green tea to hepatitis B virus carriers, and has summarized the functions of the three antigen systems of nano-selenium rich dark green tea in anti-hepatitis B viruses, believing that the nano-particles of tea and selenium can enter liver cells to absorb and remove viruses. Now the institute is conducting a deep study on this subject.

Shanghai Sitong Nano-Port Co., Ltd. has recommended its nano-selenium product - "Xiwang" to hepatitis B sufferers, and has found that nano-selenium can greatly improve the symptoms of inappetence, lacking in strength, gloomy countenance, etc. and restore the indices of hepatitis B patients to normal without any side effect.

• Anti- hepatitis C viruses

Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute began in 2002 to recommend nano-selenium rich dark green tea to the patients infected with hepatitis C viruses, and has found exciting signs that the effect of nano-selenium rich dark green tea in converting hepatitis C viruses into yi is superior to that of hepatitis B viruses, thinking that selenium - vitamin C - vitamin E contained in nano-selenium rich dark green tea can form an "iron triangle" in blocking the replication of viruses.

• Research and forecast about anti-viruses of nano-selenium

• Research on the Prevention and control of SARS

The research on the relation between selenium and viral diseases has drawn great attention from the mainstream scholars in selenium studies. In the period of SARS attack, Mr. Zhang Jinsong et al of Shanghai Sitong Nano-Port Co., Ltd. found that the selenium concentration in the blood of SARS patients had not lowered but increased, which made some people extremely puzzled. But Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute thought that the increase of selenium concentration in blood in the infection stage of acute infections is of a contingency effect, which mobilizes the selenium deposited in the spermaduct (Fallopian tube) to inter the blood in dealing with viruses, just as the rapid increase of white cells when patients suffer from acute viral infections. Therefore, we should not waver about supplement of selenium. In the period of SARS, the institute quickly developed nano-selenium rich teas and sent them to vulnerable population in Beijing and was welcomed by them.

For other patients with other chronic viral infections, the selenium concentration in the blood is also not enough, and this is because the patients themselves are short of selenium and the viruses consume a lot of selenium in the course of replication.

• Research on prevention and control of hepatitis B and B

In the human body, the liver is an organ that contains the richest selenium and needs selenium very much. Examination shows that the selenium concentration in the blood serum of patients with chronic hepatitis B and B is significantly lower than that of normal people. In 1995, "The Third Chinese PLA Medical College Journal" reported that the selenium contents in the blood in human body are arranged: liver cancer ? cirrhossis ? severe hepatitis ? chronic active hepatitis ? hepatitis virus carriers ? healthy people. Thereafter, appeared many reports on the prevention of liver disease with selenium, most of them considered that supplement of selenium has something to do with immune function, sufficient selenium is essential to keep immune system normal and selenium plays a regulating function in improving the immunity of the body fluid and cells. On the contrary, selenium deficiency will lead to the lowering of immune function. Through regulating the immune function of human body, selenium can prevent the invasion of viruses, and after hepatitis B viruses have entered the human body disturbing the immune system and lowering inteleukin-2 and inteleujkin-2 acceptors, supplement of selenium can restore them for the patients with hepatitis B.

Mr. Zhang Jinsong of Shanghai Sitong Nano-Port Co., Ltd. considers that when viruses have entered, the immune system will release a lot of free radicals to kill them, but the free radicals also might damage cells, and because the anti-oxidizing enzymes (selenium containing enzymes) in the cells can remove free radicals, therefore, when human body lacks selenium, its capacity of removing free radicals will be decreased. Supplement of selenium can increase anti-oxidizing enzymes, strengthen their capacity of removing free radicals, and reduce the damage to the cells.

Shanghai Sitong Nano-Port Co., Ltd., in its summary about the effect of nano-tea on three antigen systems in 192 cases, has pointed out that the effects of nano-selenium rich dark green tea are 1) absorption and removal of viruses, and 2) annihilation of viruses through penetration, but its main effect is to enter the cells and kill the viruses.

• Research on the prevention and control of AIDS

In the HIV infections, selenium concentration is lowered simultaneously with the number of T cells, and the selenium level in human body has become an important index in predicting the living state of HIV patients. This result has also been found in the United States , Germany , Italy , Spain , Belgium and other countries. But if small molecular selenium compounds are adopted, its effect in restraining HIV viruses in and out side of the body will be more significant.

Because most viruses are about 100nm in size (AIDS viruses only several ten nm), small molecular selenium has the closest relation with viruses. 5 years ago our country had already industrialized the production of 20-60nm selenium, being far ahead in the world. But in the field of application, because selenium belongs to the category of food and difficult to enter the mainstream medicine market, most of the selenium products are recommended to AIDS patients through the form of aiding, leading to a large capital consumption of manufacturers and unable to enter a sound production and marketing cycle.

In the field of research, Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute has summarized its AIDS aiding work with nano-selenium rich tea that nano-selenium has two functions simultaneously, namely, directly killing viruses on the one hand, and increasing the number of T4 cells, fortifying the immunity of human body and strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogentic factors on the other hand. Because viruses need selenium for their replication and are liable to take in nano-selenium, and when the selenium poison has reached the threshold viruses can't tolerate, the viruses will "poison themselves". This is a specific manifestation of the traditional "fight poison with poison" concept. Besides, nano-selenium can directly enter infected Mt cells to feed poison to the viruses in cells and kill them with excessive selenium.

• Forecast about the Prospect of nano-selenium in anti-viruses

How much selenium is the death dosage for viruses? How much selenium is the tolerance dosage for the cells in human body? Qinhuangdao Haigang Hepatitis B Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute has cooperated with Burundi medical system to find out an average value through monitoring the selenium concentration in the blood. The method they have adopted is to supplement selenium simultaneously with measuring the selenium concentration in the blood and gradually increase the supplement doses until the selenium level reach 3-6 times that of normal state. This is the selenium concentration of one hundred years old in Selenium capital Enshi, and also the tolerance dosage of cells and the death dosage of viruses. If a few in-takers have their hair fallen or have significant garlic smell in their breath and sweat, or metal taste in their mouth, it means the dosage has reached the poison dose for cells, and should be reduced until these phenomena have disappeared. The institute has summarized the method as "trial intake and gradually increase, slightly reduce according to response". If the problem of tolerance dosage of cells (death dosage of viruses) is confirmed, the correct tolerance dosage of normal cells and the death dosage of cancer cells in the anti-cancer treatment will be easily solved. If scientific institutes and investors cooperate to apply for ratification as a medicine, the nano-selenium will enjoy a broad prospect of development with tremendous social and economic efficiency.

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