A survey on the reasons of selenium deficiency in human body

Why human body might lack selenium? The answers are as follows:

• Environmental lack of selenium: the soil lacks selenium, leading to low selenium concentration of plants and low selenium concentration of food, further inducing selenium deficiency in human body.

• Environmental pollution: The industrial pollution and acid rain, etc. make the selenium levels in the diet we take every day declined, causing selenium deficiency in human body.

• Excessive fineness of food processing: In the course of fine processing, the food can lose its selenium by 50% to 75%. Coarse food grain and grain husk are rich in minerals, but after processing, the selenium concentration of rice is only 18.5 µg/kg, and fine flour only 28.6 µg/kg, whereas bran up to 71.2 µg/kg. The people who always take flour and rice might be deficient of selenium.

• Bibulosity and smoking over a long period of time might damage the pancreas and liver, promoting excessive discharge of selenium, thus incurring selenium deficiency. Tobacco is rich in cadmium that is an antagonistic element to selenium. Smoking over a long period of time will lead to the lack of selenium and the decline of immunity. The liver cancer occurrence for smokers is higher than non-smokers.

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